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Aging, Healthy, Vigorous, & it possible?

Can your latter days be greater than your former?

(Dec 2020 Enjoying family time Linda & the kiddos)

I have read articles that say as seniors age they're at risk of becoming plagued with physical ailments or mental instability. Even so, I say that our latter days can be greater than our former days. Though it will require effort, a mindset shift, discipline, wisdom, desire, and cooperation on our part. I invite you to click and listen to the audio on the home page and see what Caleb shares about it.

12 But good people will grow like palm trees; they will be tall like the cedars of Lebanon. 13 Like trees planted in the Temple of the Lord, they will grow strong in the courtyards of our God. 14 When they are old, they will still produce fruit; they will be healthy and fresh.

-Psalm 92 verses 12 - 14


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