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          A Time to Bloom!

            Nuggets to Seniors on

       Health, Faith, & Wellness 


   I carry no professional credentials relating to health or wellness. But rather I’m just one voice, a woman with a drive to promote good wellness practices with aging seniors in mind.  Here, you will find my blogs, a brief quiz, a health challenge, pics, vid shares, and encouragment; all promoting health, faith, and self-care.  May your site visit be therapeutic as you absorb, rest, relax or self reflect.
 My hope is that you'll receive useful nuggets that might inspire you to become more wellness conscious in its totality as you age.  The wisest man who ever lived, (King Solomon) said, "there is a time for all things."  Beloved of God, I say that time is now!  I tell ya, the sky is yet the limit for us. It's A Time to Bloom!

Linda (your fellow senior:)    

                                 ~In our pursuit of the Spiritual, we must not neglect
                                   our Physical well being.  Our aim is wholeness.

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                 BLOGS, BLOGS, BLOGS

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Homework and Self Challenge

Thinking about your overall health. Set one or two small goals with these two thoughts in mind:


What outcomes do you want? Secondly, what adjustments are you willing to make to give you the results leading you to a better quality of life? 


Hey, did you know?

Anna "worked" serving in the temple at (about) 84 years old?  Homework: Read St. Luke 2

Consider a pet to love, cuddle with, care for, and to help you fight off loneliness. Speaking of pets, I hope you'll enjoy the attached YouTube video as much as I did.  

Most importantly:

Daily nourish your soul and spirit with

scripture. Jesus is our ultimate healer and source of wholeness.

Bible Text
Be intentional by frequently finding something to smile and laugh about.  A  funny movie, or time with friends. Did you know that:
"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit dries the bones." ~Proverbs 17:22

Smiles, Bubbles & Giggles



Christmas Ornaments


Today's Chuckle🤣

Taking a Bold stand for Santa!

My family member who is an educator shared a humorous story about one of her young

student's whose fellow classmates were saying Santa Claus was not real.  The student

 became offended and gave her classmates an earful.  Afterwards, feeling quite 

   proud of her bravery, she explained her actions to her teacher.  "Today I stood up for

Santa Claus when all the kids were saying he wasn't real, I stood up for him."


        Lol!  That's kids for ya

View of Mt.Fuji

The Lord will keep him in  perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee:

            ~Isaiah 26:3a

                             Use bible scripture as a daily therapeutic mental rest remedy


 The bible is an excellent source of medicine without side effects.  It requires no doctor's prescription. Often you'll see immediate as well as long lasting results.  



                             I blended this refreshing smoothie 

                             drink to Boost my immune system:

  La Croix (lime) Sparkling Water




  Sunflower Seeds &

  Ground cinnamon



Today's Bible Quiz

Seniors should we immediately cry age discrimination? I don't think so.




The Lord will use seniors who yet has a desire to be used. He is gracious to meet you where you're at and will equip you with  all you need to carry out his work.  I recall in the bible in the Gospel of Luke that Peter's mother-in-law was sick.  Jesus healed her. 

She then got up and worked and was used in the area of  serving. 


Today's bible Quiz

How old was Moses and his brother Aaron when the Lord sent them on a specific assignment?  For the answer go up to blogs at the top of this page and click the arrow to locate the blog that is called:  "Today's Quiz: No age discrimination."

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                                                                                  REVIGORATE YOURSELF THRU OUTINGS 

              Enjoyed a wonderful weekend

              get-away with the gals

Got a dose of vitamin D by having my skin exposed to sunlight at Spirit Lake, IA. 
What a relaxing & peaceful spot.

Caregivers may be a support option

Be proactive concerning your health. From the comfort of your home occasionally use the scale.  "Significant" swings in weight gain or loss may be a red flag of a health related issue?

"So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom."  ~Psalm 90:12

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